Hi there !
You may be wondering what CCO is. Well, it's an abbreviation for 'Chief Child Officer'.
No kidding :)
Usually, in an Indian household, a Mother is a CCO. Her role and responsibilities towards a child are no less than the top executive working in a multinational firm.
A mother makes sure that the child is fed, groomed, and nurtured properly. When at home, all of the child's needs including food, sleep, clothes, personal care is taken well care for as all the necessary things for the required objective are present at an arm's distance. 
But when you step out with your child, for a weekend rendezvous or for a family gathering or for a picnic of sorts, you and your child start missing the comforts of home. 
That's where VISMIINTREND steps in your life with their highly functional Diaper Bags. 
Consider us your right hand when you go on an outing with your child. We keep in mind every parenting need and present an apt solution for carrying belongings that your child may need during a little excursion or for a long trip. 
From personal experience, we can say that when a child 'feels like home' outside the home, he/she is most productive and happy. And a happy child garners happy memories. Isn’t that what every parent wishes for? 
We look forward to your feedback, support and love. Happy Parenting to all the fellow CCO's.
Smita & Vikas