Hey there! 

My name is VISMIINTREND! I'm about 6 years old who makes stylish & comfortable Diaper Bags& Backpacks for easing the life of parents. You can also consider me as a 'chuddy-buddy' of your child. Essentially a Mama's Boy, I am the brainchild of Smita and Vikas.

I was born in 2013 and brought up in Jaipur, India. Woah! Diaper Bag, you wonder? Does that sound new? Does that sound interesting? Does that sound astounding? I know people, especially Moms are mesmerized and intrigued when they hear about me.

Initially, they say, but we have our regular woman's bag, clutches, and backpacks; why do we need you, Mr. Diaper Bag? What's so special about you? I must tell you that since I'm new in the market, I've evolved considering the needs of parents. I know that when a family goes out for an outing, a baby's needs have to be specially taken care of.

There is lots of stuff that needs to be carried including, Diapers, Wipes, Medicines, Blankets, Toys, Food &more. I systematically organize and carry every belonging of your child efficiently. Not that I'm bragging about myself, but yes I'm a one-man Army on which you can rely on and trust when traveling with your little one. I must also tell you about my dreams. Unlike other bags, I don't aspire to become a ‘’Suitcase’ when I grow up.

My parents have better plans for me. They want me to evolve into the Premier and Luxury product range for Babies. An all-rounder Baby Care connoisseur as I'm more useful than a regular bag and less daunting than a travel bag. 

I think that's quite an introduction for me. I usually don't speak this much. My quality, durability, and affordability are my spokes person. 

Oh! and how careless of me that amidst all this introduction, I forgot to congratulate you and your spouse for having a precious little one. 

I look forward to meeting him/her soon :)

Happy Parenting! 

Cheers, Vismiitrend.