All about Baby Clay Imprint


Warm memories can stimulate the soul for years to come. Preserve and cherish the first prints of your little one with Vismiintrend and take a loving step towards parenthood.


What’s in the box?

A tin decorative box with an anti-dust transparent lid for clay displayOne of the most beautiful things about this baby accessory is that it comes with a tin decorative container, where you can put the hardened clay to use it as a display item. The transparent display makes sure that you can look at the beautiful prints of your baby whenever you want, while the anti-dust feature makes it easy to maintain.150-gram air dry, baby safe clay with shaping and lettering toolsThis baby imprint set comes with 150 grams of clay that can help you to easily take imprints of your baby’s hands and feet. The clay can be air dried, hence makes it easy to use. It is also baby safe, thus you do not need to worry about the sensitive skin of your little one. You can shape the moulded clay according to your preference as the set contains shaping tools, while the lettering tools allow you to engrave your child’s name in it.A brush and 2 bottles of gold paintA normal handprint or footprint may look a little dull to look at. Keeping this in mind, this Vismiintrend baby print kit contains a brush and two bottles of gold paint. You can use them to give the prints a vibrant touch that will help you remember the good old days in the future. After all, they say, “Old is gold”.42 Pcs of decorative accessories and instruction manualYou can embellish the prints of your baby’s hands and feet even more with the decorative items in this set. It contains almost 42 pieces of attractive accessories that can be used to give the clay a dynamic look. Moreover, it contains an instruction manual that will help you to use the set with ease.

How to prepare beautiful Vismiintrend prints for your baby?

Step 1: Knead the clay until all the air pass out. The clay will become soft and non-sticky.Step 2: Put the clay inside the box and flat and smooth the surface.Step 3: Put the cover and press to flatten the Clay.Step 4: Take the imprint of your baby. (You can redo the imprints any number of time until you are satisfied with the outcome.)Step 5: Stick decorative accessories.Step 6: Paint the imprint with gold paint.