Baby Imprint Kit – A Gift That Stays Forever

For a new parent, the arrival of their little one is a memory that lasts forever. Every parent feels that their baby grew up too fast. The first month or a year of the baby’s life just feels like a moment that passed way too quickly. This is why new parents look for ways to create a memory in physical form that will last forever. A baby imprint kit is one of those special gifts that stay forever.

Those tiny and plump hands and feet of the baby won’t stay little forever. With every passing day that seems like a second, the baby grows way too fast. These moments are always worth capturing. A baby hand and footprint clay kit is one of the most unique gifts to capture the special moment of your little one’s arrival. We as a brand assure you that our baby clay handprint and footprint kit is totally safe for your newborn. We make our baby imprint kits with non-toxic clay which causes no harm to the delicate skin of a baby.

There are times when a baby grows up and the stories of his or her childhood still amazes them. For such moments, an imprint of their little hands and feet will create amaze them to no extent. They will definitely have a feeling of excitement to have a physical memory apart from the pictures and videos. To create a wonderful memory for you to cherish as a keepsake and for your child to see a reminder of their infancy, baby clay footprint available in India can be helpful.

Apart from the birth of your baby, you can also use our clay imprint kit to create a memory of all the special moments of their life. This hand and footprint kit can be used to create an impression of every birthday of your child as an infant and a toddler. During their teenage and adult years, they will always have these impressions as a reminder of the efforts you made to keep their childhood memories preserved.

Our non-toxic baby safe clay handprint kit serves as a very unique baby gift. Parents can use this kit as a fun time activity with their toddler. They can get their kid to enjoy this process by kneading the soft and lightweight clay to make an imprint of their own hands. These kits are absolutely mess free as they require no mixing or baking. Just use this to create a beautiful imprint by kneading it as many times until you get the perfect impression.