Clay Imprint Kits -Best Thoughtful and Unique Baby Shower Gifts

The arrival of a newborn is the most precious moment for new parents. This cherish-worthy moment can be saved for a lifetime. This can be done with a DIY baby imprint kit. The arrival of your little one in this world is a moment that will be etched on your memory forever. To capture this moment in a physical form, you can use a baby hand and footprint clay kit.

The tiny hands and feet of a baby can create wonders in the mind of a new parent. Parents who have toddlers would always say that their baby grew up too fast. Every moment with your newborn seems insufficient. When the baby grows up, the precious moments of him/her as an infant will just remain memories. If you want to keep a record of your baby’s growth then a DIY baby imprint kit is the best option you can go for.

Vismiintrend is a brand that understands the feelings of new parents. We have created some special products that help a couple transition into parenthood smoothly. Our baby clay handprint and footprint kit is a unique gift for new parents as well as parents to be. With the help of our non-toxic and eco-friendly clay, new parents can make the process of taking their child’s imprint a mess-free one. This mess-free clay imprint kit will help them in creating a precious keepsake to treasure forever.

The baby imprint kit from Vismiintrend makes the task of taking the baby’s handprint and footprint exciting for parents.  The clay sufficient to take the imprint of both hands and feet of the baby is safe for your little one. Two wooden frames are enough to hold the clay imprints and a cute little picture of your munchkin. We also add tiny glass bottles with our imprint kit to keep a special little message for your baby to read when they grow up. These bottles are also used to keep the umbilical cord and fetal hair.

Keeping the imprints of your little one without decorating would be a sin. So, we send a lot of things to decorate the kit with beautiful paints and stickers. The LED decorative light would make the imprints catch the sight of every person who would come to your home. These baby imprint kits are also some of the most perfect baby shower gifts for moms-to-be. So, if you are thinking of what to gift to a friend who is expecting a baby soon, go for our baby clay footprint kits available online in India and across the globe.